MARRY & LILO Shop Gift Card


Free Shipping (digital version)

Our gift cards are available to purchase products from our MARRY & LILO online shop. They make a lovely (also perfect for last minute gift emergency) gift for photographers, stylists, florists, creatives, couples etc. and can be used for products from our online shop.

After you purchased the gift card you'll receive an email with a code and expiry date. That's already awesome, but we thought it can be happier and more giftful. So we made a very special Gift Card printable envelope. 

Just print out the pdf file, cut out the envelope and fold around the center rectangle to make a gift card. To customize your envelope add names into the blanks and write/paint/glue something - what ever you like - on the other side. You can close the envelope for example with a wax seal or a silk ribbon, or both and add some greenery to create something suitably Christmassy. It's up to you!

I’ve printed mine out on 200gsm paper, which will give you better results than plain paper. Photo paper would work too.


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